High Street/Church Street, Leatherhead – proposed permanent extension to the hours of operation of the pedestrian zone and parking restrictions.

Closed 15 Nov 2021

Opened 22 Oct 2021


On 25 June 2020, Surrey County Council was granted funding by the government to introduce emergency measures during the coronavirus pandemic to support social distancing within towns and to promote alternative ways to travel such as walking and cycling. 

Surrey County Council, working with our partners, identified the pedestrianised area of Church Street and High Street Leatherhead as a location to introduce emergency measures. This location was chosen because parking within the pedestrianised areas of Church Street and High Street restricts space for pedestrians, outside of the pedestrian zone times, particularly in the evenings and on Sundays. This could have restricted pedestrians’ ability to socially distance. Some businesses also said that they wanted to have more space for tables and chairs to welcome customers back to the High Street and to support socially distance outside.

Therefore, in September 2020, changes were made to Leatherhead Town Centre to extend the pedestrian zone to include Sundays, so that pedestrians could have the use of the pedestrianised zone within High Street and Church Street between 1000 and 1630 from Monday to Sunday (with no parking from 0800-1800 on Sundays) and to allow cyclists to access the High Street during the pedestrian hours. The attached plan shows the pedestrian zone within Church Street and High Street, Leatherhead.

These changes are scheduled to come to an end in March 2022. Therefore Surrey County Council is carrying out this consultation to seek your views on whether these changes should remain in place and be made permanent. Or whether these changes should be reversed (so that the pedestrian zone would revert to 1000-1630 from Monday to Saturday, with no parking between 0800 and 1800 on Monday to Saturday and cyclists not permitted to use the pedestrian zone). To see an image of the plan please see the link at the bottom of this page.

We would therefore be grateful if you could spare the time to complete the short questionnaire by Monday 15th November 2021, when this consultation will close.

The results of this consultation will be presented to the Mole Valley Local Committee, for a final decision on whether to keep these emergency measures in place permanently. The Mole Valley Local Committee is where local councillors meet to discuss and decide on many of the issues that matter to you and the people who live, work or study nearby.

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